Are the terms of my agreement flexible?

DGC Vehicle Rental takes a consultative and flexible approach to working with all of its customers. Our aim is to help you meet your varied fleet needs with modern and well maintained vehicles. We understand that sometimes the commercial circumstances of projects can change and so we encourage clients to discuss the applications and circumstances of any rental or contract hire vehicle fully at the time of commission. The more we know, the more we can be flexible in designing a package which meets your operational, commercial and financial requirements. 

However, once orders have been placed for vehicles, we are extremely limited in the adjustments we can make. Equally once the vehicle is in service with you, the contract is a legally binding document.  It is usually not possible to make substantive changes at this time.

As a general rule, the more ‘vanilla’ or standard the specification of a vehicle, the easier it is for us to be flexible in our terms. The more specialist a vehicle, the more difficult it is for us to place it on alternative contracts and so our contract terms will be more prescriptive.

Does my contract hire vehicle have to appear on my balance sheet?

Contract hire agreements are a form of lease. Until now operating leases, including contract hire agreements were classified as off-balance sheet. However, from January 2019 some companies will have to show all their leases, whether finance, operating or contract hire, on their balance sheet. This change only affects those who use the IFRS Standard accounting model – in the UK the IFRS standard is required for any company trading in in a regulated marketplace and is permissible, but not required for SMEs. You can find out more information about the changing to lease accounting here.

Is my rented or leased vehicle insured?
Answer required here.

Do you rent vehicles to the general public?
No, we are a business to business rental and leasing operation only. All of our customers must have valid Operator’s Licences in order to use our service.

Do you have a code of conduct?
Yes, we follow the BVRLA Code of Conduct which you can read here.

My rented vehicle has sustained some wear and tear or damage; what happens when I return it?
We inspect every vehicle with the contract holder before the return and discuss damage and possible remedies to keep your costs low. You can find out more about this on our Return Conditions page.