Specialist Vehicles

All available on DAF & Mercedes Chassis

We can supply specialist vehicles to any specification based on your operational requirements. 

Tippers for example can be hired in 32t, 26t, 18t and 7.5t configuration with insulated bodies and tar chutes or cranes where required.

We can also supply crash cushions and other road maintenance vehicles.

Refrigerated vehicles have recently become a bit of a speciality within our fleet. We can supply Fridges on 26t, 18t, 12t,  7.5t along with 3.5t chiller vans. We have even recently supplied a 30 pallet drawbar combination

Van Derived Vehicles

Welfare Vans

Becoming more and more in demand due to H&S regulations, our welfare vans are fitted with cooking and washing facilities and a washroom with chemical toilet.