Flexible Rental

Flexible Rental

DGC Flexible rental is a hire agreement which sits between spot hire and contract hire. Typically vehicles are rented without a fixed term commitment but the customer still benefits of contract hire are still available such as being able to fit your own livery or specialist equipment.

DGC Flexible rental is available on any of our standard rental vehicles at a reduced cost compared to short term rental.

DGC Rental Range of vehicles to support your business from 44t tractor units to 3.5t vans.

  • Collection and Delivery Service.
  • Euro 6 availability
  • Help and advice
  • Single point of contact
  • 24/7 breakdown cover
  • Central reservation assistance
  • A complete vehicle valet prior to each rental
  • Reliable back up service

Call our central reservations hot-line 0208 319 7805 or complete our enquiry form to the left of this page. We will be pleased to help.