Contract hire

Contract hire

A reliable solution from a reliable provider.  Are you looking for a stable partner that understands your business transport challenges and are experts in vehicle specification?

DGC are based throughout London and the South East with more than 100 DGC Fleetservice partners throughout the UK.

DGC Contract Hire and Truck Rental are truck contract hire specialists. Although truck leasing is a priority service, DGC adopt an ‘anything with wheels’ approach and we can also supply cars, minibuses, trailers and just about anything else that’s legal to drive on UK roads. With flexible hire periods of one to five years, we help our customers to meet the changing needs of their own businesses today while they plan their logistical strategies for tomorrow.

DGC Contract Hire are Local and National
We are based in London and the South East and we cover nationwide with DGC service partners throughout the UK.

  • Heathrow (HTC HQ)
  • Reading
  • Luton
  • Oxford
  • Park Royal
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Belvedere (DGC HQ)
  • Croydon


Map Key:

Yellow sites - DGC at HTC locations.

Orange sites - DGC supported by 3rd party service locations

DGC provide maintenance agreements on all truck leasing contracts so you’ll never have to worry about any additional servicing or repair costs. This helps you to budget for your future logistical requirements with greater accuracy. From a single tractor unit or trailer, to a large fleet, DGC Contract Hire is a cost effective alternative to owning and maintaining your own commercial vehicles.

Fixed costs

From specification to maintenance and disposal, all for one predictable monthly fee and no capital outlay, you have no exposure to risk on the resale value of vehicles and no uncertainty regarding the variable costs of vehicle ownership.

  • Support with the right vehicle specification for your business
  • No variable costs associated with vehicle ownership
  • Fewer financed assets on the balance sheet to protect your credit rating
  • VAT 50% reclaimable on the finance element
  • Legislation and compliance support
  • Whole of life vehicle management

Expert advice

Expert advice on vehicle specification to ensure your fleet suits your distribution needs and company brand. We believe in getting as close as possible to understanding your business. So before we talk, we listen carefully to your needs, and work closely with you to identify priorities, issues and operational needs. Only then do we devise expert solutions to ensure your requirements are met.

TOPEC calculations

All DGC heavy commercial vehicles have a full TOPEC calculation to make sure the vehicle will legally carry the payload within the vehicle gross vehicle weight and there is no axle overload during a deminishing load. This helps keep the customer within the law and ensure every DGC vehicle is legally compliant and fit for purpose.

Telematics to help improve fuel economy

As part of the DGC service you have an option to take a DGC telematics package. Vehicle tracking, driving style, vehicle performance and mpg are just some of the options available.

Matching your operational requirements

Do your vehicles need to be specially equipped, if so, we can help you to carry everything from sheep to mince pies, soft furnishings and curtains to house bricks.

Contact DGC Contract Hire on our 0208 319 7805 hotline for information, availability and bookings. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form on this page or email us at We promise to respond promptly to your enquiry and to make your truck hire requirements as simple as we possibly can.